AUT interNZ Scholarship Programmes - New Zealand and International
Plush Creative created and implemented a successful campaign for AUT interNZ targeting students at Auckland University of Technology. The campaign's focus was to get students to set up their profile on the new AUT interNZ website to put themselves in front of prospective employers in New Zealand and around the world.
Posters displayed around the campuses where designed to showcase successful interns as well as the 'wall of selfies' to highlight the multitude of possibilities. Posters were shown in three colour ways.
On-campus Campaign
Our concept was for students to visualise themselves where they wanted to be. We used graded colour selfies to put the students at their dream destinations. Both professional and 'real' photography was generated by previous and current interns with their destination in the background. The artwork was a mix of featured students (to highlight the awesomeness of some of the internships available) and a 'wall of selfies' to showcase the breadth of opportunities and destinations available. 
As this was the first year that focussed on both international and local internships, we used a tagline that told that story: Auckland, New Zealand, The World - Where will your degree take you? 
This comprehensive campaign was rolled out across multiple on-campus channels including: Posters, postcards, ads in Debate - The student magazine, in-faculty screens, video on multi-screens, pull-up banners for events and posts on social media.
The campaign featured as both full page and half page ads in the student magazine - Debate. The ads called for students to complete their online profile to put themselves in front of potential employers looking for interns in Auckland, NZ, the World. 
Postcards where handed out at the height of the international campaign and focussed on faculties for whom international scholarships were available. Fronts showcased a current intern on location at their destination on the fronts with the 'wall of selfies' on the reverse. 
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