The MPTT Passport was designed to give programme participants an edge when it comes to gaining employment and apprenticeships in the trades. In addition to the trades skills, employers need tradespeople who will turn up on time and show initiative. 

The passport concept records the students journey as they work towards gaining their qualifications and the work readiness skills that will make them more effective on the job. 

The pocket size passport was designed for durability and portability. Pocket sized with rounded pages it was printed on Rock Stock, a tear resistant and waterproof mineral stone  paper with great environmental qualities. The cover features a textured gloss overprint in a Māori weave design. The inside spreads feature watermarked Māori and Pasifika designs that add to the authentic feel of the passport. 

Important personal and cultural information is recorded in the trainees passport and independent navigators who support and monitor students stamp their passports as students complete each milestone in their journey.   

Māori and Pasifika Trades Training: Auckland provides scholarships to Māori and Pasifika aged between 16 and 40. Launched to meet a boom in our New Zealand's building industry, the government funded programme provides a seamless pipeline for trainees, connected and supported end-to-end, directly into the heart of industry. 

Stamps for each milestone on the trainee's journey include their Whakapapa (family history), personal skills, worksite skills (including health and safety), job search skills, industry insight and a community project. 
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